We really enjoy of your venue and expect good quality topics. This call 4 paper is opened to everyone of any levels who wish to share his experience, provide the best practices to build an online shop with Magento, give advices how to sale online or to promote his business, show what are the current trends or new technologies / solutions or explain how to develop or improve Magento.

To touch a large public, the speeches will be exclusively in English. We ask to our speakers to do informative speeches, not commercial. Sessions in business and developers track will last 30 minutes, questions part included. 1 keynote + 18 slots are available.

NEW FOR 2015

For the second edition of the Meet Magento Switzerland, we would like to offer to ecommerce startups 6 specifics tracks which last only 20 minutes each during the afternoon. For these tracks, we are looking for speakers which can present different topics related to starting in eCommerce domain and explaining which things to care about: Magento introduction, how to do online marketing, Improve his SEO, possible online shop solutions (not only Magento), discovering different payment and shipping solutions, how to improve the user experience, how to interpret analytics, create a good business model, what is multichannel / omnichannel, do its business on mobile, etc…
Startup Track will be in German speaking

This Call 4 Paper will be closed on July 28, 2017.

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