Thomas Hayk

Thomas connects, deals and coaches.
He founded “Hitchensen Professionals”, an organization for change and training. The aim of this organization is to support a new generation of companies. This new generation innovates at an unprecedented speed. They constantly question “how things are done today”. That includes trouble, leaving the comfort zone and being radical. Hitchensen Professionals are here to enable that and to prepare teams for future missions. They design and execute change and training programs for large and small companies.
Furthermore they are well connected and help small companies to get loved by large corporations.

Before that, Thomas has been a corporate bee for 11 years and has mainly worked for large companies such as Bosch, MAN and Siemens. He is an electrician and has a degree in Business Engineering.


  • Meet Magento Switzerland 2015
  • 14:15 — 23.10.2015

    Startup Track


    Great! You have an idea for a business! Do you follow a vision or a hallucination?