Can you imagine Magento without its community? Probably you don’t want to. Magento is based on the exchange and the open source character. Magento wouldn’t have been that successful without it. On this page we collect and provide information about important events and organizations in the Swiss Magento universe.

Swiss Magento Events Newsletter

Magento Events in Switzerland

Meet the Swiss Magento community personally at various smaller and bigger events in Switzerland.

Magento Stammtisch SchweizThe Swiss Magento usergroup meetup is a bi-monthly meetup in Zürich, Bern and other Swiss cities for shop owners and developers organized by Nick Weisser. Events will be announced in our newsletter, on and XING. Sylvain has also created a LinkedIn group.

MageHackathon SchweizMagento hackathon is an event for developers who want to deepen their skills and meet like-minded folks. Swiss and international events are announced on


FireGentoFireGento is a group of Magento developers who develop Magento modules together and organize hackathons. It serves as an umbrella for the (currently) mainly German speaking Magento community. As of 2014 FireGento is also a registered association (Verein) located in Berlin. The most famous FireGento module is MageSetup, an extension that makes basic tax and language setup very easy and also takes care of the legal requirements in Germany and other European countries.