Meet Magento Switzerland 2015

The 2nd. Swiss Meet Magento Edition

We are really proud to announce the 2nd Swiss Magento Community Conference. This professional conference is organized by and for the Magento Community as Swiss online merchants, experts, developers, web agencies and solution providers.

Our purpose is to give you an opportunity to share experience and knowledge, discover new technologies, make growing your network or business opportunities and give you access to the Magento ecosystem. You will meet international speakers from all around the world and have also the pleasure to relax during our after party event with a Magento Bowling Contest and a concert. This day will be a good investment for you and your employees with full of new contacts and maybe friends.

NEW in 2015:
This year, we plan to have special sessions for startup companies with topics specific for them, helping them to begin their online business. Here some ideas of topics where we are working on: which ecommerce solutions to use for which budget, which online marketing strategy fits your needs, how to improve the buying experience, etc. Those sessions will be only at the afternoon, like that you can benefit from our special price ticket and enjoy

The Swiss edition is located close to Zürich. The official language is english.

Meet Magento is an International event as eCommerce is, which takes place in 2015 in more than 14 countries like Germany, Spain, Russia, Brazil, Poland, Italy, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Romania, Japan, Kenya etc.

You can review the highlights from the latest edition further below or visit our archiv: