Hash Tag Interview with Magento Trainer and Consultant Ivan Chepurnyi

IvanWe’re picking up the idea of hash tag interviews from our German Meet Magento friends and are going to present you some of our speakers for the 2nd Swiss Meet Magento on October 23, 2015. Ivan Chepurnyi is one of the original 5 Magento 1 core developers and nowadays works as Magento trainer and consultant. He’s well known in the Magento developer community for his wide knowledge and his relentless willingness to share his vast Magento knowledge and he will be one of the featured speakers of the event. Whether you’re a new or old Magento developer, you cannot miss this talk!

I am incredibly happy to be present as a speaker at MeetMagento Switzerland, as I unfortunately missed it last year. My talk is related to Magento performance and core changes, and how small changes can resolve big problems.

I love what I do, as my working days are never routine. I help companies to create complex solutions by advising the best architecture for their requirement. As well, I do a lot of performance audits, and I love to share my knowledge with other devs via coaching and training courses. So, in general, I am a consultant, an architect, a trainer and a developer at the same time.

I had a chance to help some Swiss companies, met nice people, even found some friends. Your fondue is amazing, and that dry cheese with herbs is driving me crazy.

Everyone was expecting Magento 2.0 for a long time, and now it is here and you can start already to learn it. That’s why I and Vinai Kopp organized the first Magento 2 training together 2 days before the conference. It is aimed to bring more shipping and payment method developers into the new ecosystem with a better way to build their solutions. If you are interested, you can book your ticket at mage2swiss.paydro.net.