Hash Tag Interview with Business Developer and Perpetual Disruptor Alain Veuve

Alain VeuveI know Alain since many years and remember meeting him in Geneva in 2011 for Swissgento, the early predecessor of Meet Magento Switzerland. He’s a great speaker and has lots of experience in the Swiss and international ecommerce industry. You don’t want to miss his talk at Meet Magento Switzerland 2015.

So here’s the hash tag interview:


Frankly, it was overdue and I am just glad that Sylvain and his team picked up the idea and eventually brought it to live last year for the first time. It was a nice and great event and I am already looking forward to meeting Magento people from Switzerland and Germany. I think the Meet Magento format can be seen as sort of role model for other communities – Thomas and Alice created a really great concept which brought and still brings Magento to town.


I have been involved with Magento right from the beginning. I remember meeting Roy in L.A. couple of weeks after Magento was released and I was puzzled by the fact that their office (Varien, back then) was just as big as our agency office in Switzerland. It all started very small and sometimes I am still amazed how far it all went when we are selling really big Magento projects to international Enterprise Clients at AOE (what we do quite often :-))


I am serving as General Manager of AOE in Switzerland and I am heavily involved in the international Business development for AOE internationally. We see a growing demand for high volume, large catalog Omni-Channel Magento projects. An area where I think we have an almost unmet expertise in the market. It’s underlined by the “Omni-Channel Partner of the Year” award that we received from eBay Enterprise in spring this year. Other than this I am kind of exploring on what this exponential growth of technological progress means for the society and business. That’s why I do a lot of publications and talks covering the Digital Transformation processes.


I am a native Swiss and still live here although I spend a lot of time mainly in Germany. I both love and sort of dislike Switzerland. Despite all the advantages Switzerland offers, people tend to forget how good everything is here in comparison with the rest of the world. I think I do not exaggerate when I say that Switzerland is the most advanced country I’ve ever seen. I think the Swiss should be thankful and more positive.


My favorite hashtag is #PerpetualDisruption which is my own definition of what I think is ahead: A century of endless disruptions caused by the rapid growth of technological progress. What has started as the thing called Digital Transformation is already evolving in other areas of society and business. Companies are challenged to keep an ever accelerating pace. That requires a fundamental paradigm shift in doing business.